Walleye Fishing in Northwestern Ontario

One of North Americas’s favorite species, the walleye is as fun to catch, as it is tasty to eat; nothing says Canada like a lakeside shore lunch of pan fried walleye.

The season opener for walleye on Lake of the Woods falls on the 3rd Saturday in May to allow them time after ice-out to successfully spawn.

There is no stocking on Lake of the Woods, as the natural walleye population has ample spawning grounds throughout the lake. One of the prime spawning areas for walleye is at the fast, tumbling waters of Nestor Falls, just a few hundred yards from Meline’s docks.

Fishing for walleye
Marina with 28.5in Walleye

Sabaskong Bay and area has long been the destination of choice for walleye anglers. From our docks, we have the boats to allow us to travel anywhere we need to go on Lake of the Woods to keep on top of the schools of ‘eyes.

Sit back and relax in the boat with a coffee in the morning as your guide takes you out onto the lake to the walleye feeding grounds. You may find yourself bottom bouncing a spinner rig along a mud flat west of Hay Island, or jigging a hump in Miles Bay, but one thing is for sure, your guide will take you to where the fish are!

At Meline’s, our walleye fishing adventures are second to none, and part of the adventure is exploring this vast lake paradise. Come and explore this wilderness lake for yourself!

Walleye Photo Gallery