Our Boats & Lakes


Meline’s boats include:

  • Our Rental Boat – 17.7 fully loaded Crestliner with 60 hsp Yamaha
  • Our Guide Boat – 20.5 foot fully loaded Crestliner with 150 hsp Yamaha and 15 hsp Evinrude

We offer the 17.7 Crestliner for rental at $110.00 per day + gas

Our Lakes

Lake of the Woods including:

Our guides fish the following Lakes:

Lake of the Woods including:

  • Sabaskong Bay
  • Whitefish Bay
  • Miles Bay
  • Long Bay
  • Yellow Girl Bay
  • Sabaskosing Bay
  • Stevens Bay
  • Stony Bay
  • Obabikon Bay
  • The Heart of the Lake
  • Dog Paw Lake
  • Caviar Lake
  • Dryberry Lake

Please call our office toll free to get a list of the lakes currently available for our One Day Fly-Outs. We have many to choose from at different times of the year for the species of your choice.