Ontario Musky (Muskellunge) Fishing

The elusive musky is both a shallow water creature, and a denizen of the deep. Successful anglers will target warm, weedy bays; rocky points adjacent to weeds or deep water; midlake humps; or rocky outcroppings.

Summer musky fishing is mostly casting, but as the season turns to fall, anglers often troll for those fat, autumn hogs. The cold, end of season waters are often where a musky angler will catch the biggest fish of the year, fattened up on ciscoes or walleye for that long cold winter under the ice.

Lake of the Woods is known as one of the finest musky lakes in the world.  An aggressive conservation policy is in place on the lake, and the minimum size limit for is 54 inches. This has allowed the already strong musky population to increase in both size and numbers.

Terry with 51 inch Muskie
Fisherman with Musky

From Sabaskong Bay to Miles Bay there are thousands of acres of prime musky real estate, dying to be casted or trolled.

We fish Sabaskong Bay and the area right from the docks here at Meline’s, as well as many other local lakes.  Anglers who join in on our multi-lake musky packages will have the option of spending their time on:

  • Sabaskong Bay and area
  • Whitefish Bay
  • Sunset Channel and all of Lake of the Woods.

Musky Photo Gallery