Lake Trout Fishing

The cold waters of winter and spring allow lake trout to wander into areas of the lake that are inaccessible to them in the summer months due to the warmer, shallow waters. Spring can be one of the most rewarding times to fish lake trout, as the cold water allows them to be higher in the water column, and hence easier to target with more varied methods. Where jigging over deep holes and downrigging is the norm for summer fishing, spring tends to lend itself more to planer board trolling, and casting deep shorelines.

Lake Trout are open from January 1st until September 30th each year, to reflect their fall spawning period, which means that avid trout anglers eagerly await ice-out each spring for the shallow-water lake trout bonanza.

Ice fishing for lkae trout at Meline's

Meline’s Lodge has several options available to the lake trout fisherman, and our specialty is delivering a multi-lake lake trout fishing package. Guests will enjoy our modern lodging facilities and dining room in Nestor Falls, and travel to some of the finest lake trout waters in the area.

Ask us about our fly-out options for trout, also! Meline’s is open for lake trout fishermen as early as mid-April, depending on the time of ice-out.

A little farther north, we have Whitefish Bay on Lake of the Woods, and Dogpaw and Caviar Lakes, just east of Whitefish. Each of these lakes are less than 20 minutes from camp, and offer lake trout, as well as bass, northern pike, and musky. Whitefish Bay also has a population of walleye that can get to large sizes!

Finally, for the die-hard lake trout angler, we offer day trips into Dryberry Lake. Dryberry is renowned to locals and visitors alike as one of the premier trout fisheries in Northwestern Ontario. Rugged shoreline cliffs, and deep-blue, cold, clear water contrast against the jack pine to accentuate the isolation and tranquility in this trout fisherman’s paradise. You will find plentiful numbers of trout, and many times an angler will hook into one of the giant musky that also call the lake home. And those are just our drive-to lakes!

Lake Trout Photo Gallery