Pilot’s Services

At Meline’s Lodge we know that there is a large aviation community out there who regularly make day trips or weekend trips all over the country. These are individuals and groups who not only love sport fishing in some of the best lakes anywhere but also enjoy the convenience of getting there in their own aircraft.

For these intrepid pilots, Meline’s Lodge offers float tie up right at our docks or if you don’t fly floats, there is the Nestor Falls Community Airport a short distance from our front door. The airport has a 3665 X 75 foot treated gravel runway (03/21).

If you are planning a flight out, just let us know and we will arrange transportation to the lodge when you arrive.

For those who wish to fly here in your own aircraft, click here to view the Canada Flight Supplement for Nestor Falls, ON.

Pilot’s Services

Shuttle Service

We provide shuttle service for our guests flying into the International Falls airport or to the Winnipeg airport. We can also shuttle our guests to the lodge from the landing strip in Nestor Falls.