Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass

Pound for pound bass are probably the best fighters in the Lake of the Woods. Up until mid June bass are found on or near their spawning grounds. Look for sandy bottoms near rock structure and fairly shallow water.

At any time of the year, watch the shoreline for small rocks – about egg size. These rocky bottoms provide the crawfish and hatching insects on which the smallmouths feed on. Although they are often caught while fishing walleyes, casting is usually the best technique. Jigs, small plugs, spoons, and spinners are the most productive. Live bait fished on the bottom is also good. Bass like leeches, night crawlers, and minnows.

Smallmouths are deceptive fighters and if you don’t keep a tight line when they go into their aerial acrobatics and you will only have the memory left.

We also have excellent largemouth bass fishing in the area. Our guests commonly catch them in the 2-4 pound size with the occasional 5 pounder.

Lori kroeker with big smallmouth bass

Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass Photo Gallery