Northern Pike Fishing

The scientific name for the Great Northern Pike is Esox lucius; which means spear like wolf or devil fish. Often referred to as nature’s balancer, pike will eat just about anything when the opportunity presents itself. Other names for pike are “jackfish” or “northern” and some people call the little ones “hammer handles”. Pike spawn in early spring in shallow soft bottom bays. A pike is usually considered a trophy at 40 inches or around 20 pounds.

Anglers who wish to see more of Lake of the Woods can also arrange a trip into Whitefish Bay with their guide for more pike fishing.

Erica with Northern Pike

Our guides use many different techniques to catch pike at different times of the year. During spring and summer we usually cast weed beds, rock piles, shallow reefs and sunken logs. During late summer and fall our guides also like trolling large baits over deep points and saddles.

Larger sized spoons, spinner baits, jerkbaits, crankbaits and bucktails are ideal presentations for pike. Make sure you use a strong black leaders or fluorocarbon leader and razor sharp hooks. Heavier spinning and baitcasting rods and reels loaded with 14-20 pound test are ideal for pike fishing.

Pike Photo Gallery